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In their book Friends: A Love Story, actor Courtney B. Vance and his actress wife, Angela Bassett, laid bare their seven
Amazing Fact About the Negro No. 85: Why was the summer of 1964 pivotal in the fight for civil rights? Tomorrow night, you
In the episode “Haiti and the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided,” Gates speaks with Juan Rodriguez from the Dominican
Sexton's tenure has seen NYU mired in repeated controversies over questionable perks. The subsidy has apparently been going
Every week, Henry Louis Gates has investigated what it means to have a range of genealogical history including European and
Every week, celebrities make fascinating discoveries about their family history with the help of Henry Louis Gates Jr. On
Watch That Was What It Was on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots. Every week, The Huffington Post Black Voices tells you
Henry Louis Gates Jr. has helped celebrities uncover fascinating aspects of their ancestry, oftentimes discovering things
This season on his PBS series, "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.," Henry Louis Gates has already helped media
Last week, we told you about how renowned Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., helped media legend Barbara Walters uncover
Walters and Canada are among a star-studded group of individuals looking to dig into their genealogy, including Robert Downey
Admiring the television series Roots as a boy, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores a passion for genetics and genealogies in a new PBS series, Finding Your Roots, to start this Sunday.
Coffee-table books are supposed to be heavy, on photos and in pounds. This latest history of black life in America by Henry
A blistering review of historian Manning Marable’s best-selling new biography of Malcolm X was rejected this week by ­TheRoot.com
The numerous contacts that Greeks, Romans and other Europeans had with people of African origin have been portrayed in art
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a Harvard professor, agreed in his video interview with Open Road Media. However, Gates noted that
Wilkerson spent 10 years interviewing thousands of people for her book. She frames the decision to leave the South as a defection
Whether you are the "hater" or the "hated," having a common enemy quickly unites people who are like minded -- for better or for worst.
In one of my favorite Malcolm X speeches, the brilliant rhetorician asks, "What's your name? It isn't Smith or Jones or Bunche