henry winkler

“I used to grow it all the time," recalled The Fonz as he showed off his facial hair to Jimmy Fallon.
The annual event attracted all shapes and sizes — but the biggest splash was unmistakable.
The recent first-time Emmy winner turned back the clock before he sat down with host Jimmy Fallon.
Winkler also enjoyed a reunion with "Happy Days" co-star Ron Howard.
Last Wednesday, 20,000 primary and secondary school students from all over BC gathered in Rogers Arena. Run by the non-profit Free the Children, We Day is an annual empowerment-fest with presentations by dozens of celebrities. Tickets are free for youths who have made a difference.
Donny Most is hot! The 'Happy Days' veteran is taking his (musical) act on the road, and the timing couldn't be better. Ralph Malph -- the show's 'class clown' -- is nowhere to be seen when Don takes the stage with the (wildly talented) Donny Most Orchestra.
On those off days, the 69-year-old actor says he still wanted to be productive. So, he asked the studio to start delivering
Knowing this, Winkler's father suggested that his son's water-skiing somehow be incorporated into an episode of the show
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