hep c

This new class of HCV drugs, which are much easier on the human body and virtually free of side effects, attacks the virus directly and can reduce the viral load to zero when taken correctly.
We don't trust the news. We don't trust the "system". And then there's that cousin on our daddy's side who we love, but just don't trust. In this same vein, when it comes to scientists, researchers and even our own doctors, we say, "I just don't trust 'em."
The global hepatitis community is coming together for the 6th annual World Hepatitis Day on Tuesday July 28th. This year's campaign is called 4000 Voices, referring to the fact that 4000 people die every day due to hepatitis B and C.
Since March, a team of about five Urban Survivors Union volunteers has been distributing 50 clean crack pipes, valued at
In recently released police documents reported by The Indy Channel on Monday, one witness described being fearful of Hopkins
I believe it's not only a decision, but also a duty. Getting tested and getting treated is making a commitment to your family, friends, other loved ones, and our entire community that Hepatitis C will not destroy us. We have too much to live for and too much work to do.
The insurance question shouldn't be strong enough to dissuade people from getting tested though, Allen said. "Hep C is fairly