"I’m not saying they killed him, abused him or ignored him -- they loved him."
Women have all different experiences of pregnancy. Some love it and feel the best they've ever felt, others not so much. Wherever they fall on the spectrum, my patients really benefit from the appropriate use of herbs to help them on the nine-month journey. Botanical medicine is a grounding, stabilizing force during pregnancy, much like the earth from which it comes.
Either you're afraid of side effects, or you just don't like that next-day foggy feeling that comes with some sleep aids. Here are eight alternative, natural remedies that might help.
The investigation of something so relatively benign as echinacea, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and Saint John's Wort may not seem like a big story. But some stories have a way of laying their finger gently on the pulse of the national culture and political mood. This one does just that.
Being a part of the ever-growing permaculture network, Stephen is integrating the power of sustainability and herbal medicine with the magic of music festivals. Envision is the marriage of his life's loves and his love of life.
A good therapist is a wonderful thing: They know that there is nothing about you that's wrong. They know their role is to listen and validate, to come up alongside you and provide support.