As the former attorney general of California, Harris declined to probe the nutritional supplement company.
Pricing wasn't its only problem. On November 17, 2016, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced
And he enlisted the help of actor Jaime Camil to warn bilingual audiences.
Government grants, along with gifts and donor contributions, account for a significant amount of funding for non-profits
Hedge fund managers are not trained in divinity school. They pray to the Golden Calf. When they pontificate that their motivation
If an economic crisis happens, but nobody acknowledges it, does it really make a sound at all? Leading up to the Brexit referendum, global banks warned that if the U.K. voted to leave the E.U. they would likely be forced to locate many jobs to E.U. countries.
Hours before a negative story hit the press, two large options trades were made.
I cannot stand by when a company like Herbalife has the audacity to publicly proclaim they provide opportunities for Latinas -- neglecting to mention that it is under investigation by the SEC, the FTC and multiple state Attorneys General for intentionally targeting and scamming Hispanic customers.
There is no shortage of prescriptions designed to cure what ails progressives, but most suggest a specific course of action or attitude rather than addressing the structure of the enterprise, which resembles the planned economies of communist governments.
Asked if such incidents happened often, Walsh replied: "I do not believe so." "These instances ... are absolute aberrations
The battle for the future of Herbalife has been raging for over a year after prominent activist investor Ackman accused the
CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Hispanic activists are calling the Herbalife company a pyramid scheme and a fraud that the state
If Herbalife is profitable, why should anyone be concerned? What does it matter if the company is a pyramid scheme, some wonder, so long stock price keeps going up?
"We are asking Attorney General Harris to help us protect vulnerable, low income Latinos and other minorities from these
Taking a job at a multi-level marketing firm would be a tacky signpost of any first-tier politician's professional trajectory. It's especially unsightly when that politician is Antonio Villaraigosa.
In addition, KPMG partners were the only ones so far to have been sued by the SEC in connection with the global financial
April 9 (Reuters) - KPMG resigned as the auditor of Herbalife Ltd after one of its senior partners engaged in insider trading
During this brief lull in the drama surrounding the nutritional company Herbalife, it's time to reflect on the drama within the drama: the battle between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn, who have staked out opposing positions in the stock.