herbert spencer

Capitalism is predicated on the idea of individual initiative. The most obvious economic manifestation of that is entrepreneurship
Caterpillar Inc. made headlines a while back when it attempted to freeze wages amidst windfall profits. Supply side economics which epitomizes free market capitalism basically holds that water will find its own level.
You go to an otolaryngologist for throat problems, but an ichthyologist if you're the old man in the Hemingway novel and want to know what fish your wrestling with.
Thinking about Donald Sterling, his life story, his success, his amassing of wealth, it cannot be a great surprise that he ended up where he did.
Hewitt points out that this concern with empathy might be surprising for the author of the bible of capitalism, The Wealth
Conservative and libertarian arguments about social spending are rooted in the discredited Social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer and William Graham Sumner.
Jerry Z. Muller's essay "Capitalism and Inequality" (Foreign Affairs, March/April 2013) addresses a central issue our time
A school photo that depicts a disabled student sitting conspicuously apart from the rest of his classmates was retaken after the boy's outraged parents brought the issue to the attention of the photography company responsible.
Lifetouch retook the class photo last Thursday, this time with Miles out of his wheelchair and sitting with the rest of his
It was government sodomy laws that made our existence a crime. Some of us wanted to limit government -- horrors! -- by repealing those laws.
Creationism should be weakened at every turn. If that means evolutionists need to be purposefully more self-critical on social Darwinism, then so be it.
If there's no connection to evolution, then why is it called social Darwinism? It shouldn't be -- and it's time we changed the name to stop the confusion.