Model, media host and environmental entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes talks about how she converted her closet into an indoor herb and vegetable garden. She explains the steps and encourages everyone to grow food at home.
If you are looking for a refreshing cocktail to beat this summer heat, you've come to the right place. A mojito is the margarita's crisper, fresher cousin. With rum. And fresh herbs. So, really, I am not even sure that they are related at all.
By and large, the above measures are most of the same issues and deficits many of us have previously pointed out, but Bredesen
The Huffington Post and anti-food waste activist Jordan Figueiredo are calling on Walmart to start selling ugly produce in its stores.
We asked attendees at the Food Loves Tech event in New York City what they thought of ugly produce. This is what they had to say.
Model, media host and environmental entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes gives you 5 easy to use tips for redcuing food waste
The spring greens are coming in! This past weekend, I had fiddlehead ferns in Maine. And the weekend before that, I made
In spite of its ubiquity, it seems that people are split over cilantro's culinary value. Its polarizing effect is so infamous that it has inspired several groups of scientists to search for a genetic link to revulsion of the herb. And it turns out there is one... maybe.
As mist hovers over the rolling fields of Kentucky and the sun is still low in the sky, the women of Greenhouse 17 emerge from the house they share, clippers in hand. They spread out over a field and cut bouquets of fresh flowers.
Just a little bit of heat in your diet can help prevent heart disease, increase weight loss, and more.
Custom Salts While the debate rages on as to whether or not salt is good or bad for you, remember that a little bit of good
Recent oncological research is now suggesting a correlation between melatonin and cancer: Studies have suggested it could have a potential ability to lessen the negative effects of cancer chemotherapy, enhance its therapeutic effect and reduce its toxicity.
If you haven't had zaatar, it is a wonderfully earthy and citrusy blend of dried herbs such as marjoram and thyme (the Arabic word za'atar, pronounced zah-tahr, also means thyme).
If you've ever tried to store basil at room temperature, with trimmed ends dangling into water like flowers, like everyone tells you to do, then you know it's all lies.
The most commonly used laxative is Senna, and like all laxatives, the U.S. FDA has issued a warning to consumers about the