The House speaker learns about his heritage in an upcoming episode of the TV show "Finding Your Roots."
He’s credited with discovering America, which isn’t true. But what he did do was commit genocide against entire native populations. Here’s why we really shouldn’t be celebrating Christopher Columbus.
In 2017, symbols of racism and treason shouldn’t be debated or voted on.
Tourism maybe good for business, but in two of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, locals say the number of visitors has become unsustainable.
Krishna, 22, who came from Mathura, said, "The reason many people write graffiti is because of lack of education. If they
Mass tourism at listed sites In spite of these imperfections, we should commend UNESCO on its efforts to preserve our world
Ever since their debut album Orchid was released in 1995 the Swedish progressive metal band Opeth has spent a large part
This was not the first version of this resolution, which had already caused a scandal in the northern spring. The revised
I wish I could speak with ironclad certainty about the right of fiction writers to portray anyone, from any culture, in any way we wish. In her opening address at the Brisbane Writers Festival, Lionel Shriver, a celebrated U.S. author, adamantly took that stance. Her argument appeared sound: the genre is fiction, therefore it's made up, imaginary, and nobody should take offense.
We still know only a few details about the Clinton Foundation's relationship with the State Department under Hillary Clinton's stewardship. But it smells funny.
Developing this sense of self became increasingly important for me as time went by. I've always had a soft spot for the surreal
I have found, since writing this book, an unexpected comfort in being around evangelical christians and their language. My old language.
The teenager's comment replayed in my head throughout my adolescence. Before, I hadn't even given it a second thought that my skin color was different than that of my father's.
This week's legislation is an important step towards the U.S. taking on the leadership mantle in the fight against looting and cultural destruction globally. The bill proposed by Representative Keating to strengthen the capability of customs and border enforcement in preventing the traffic in cultural property is another crucial step in this campaign.
Many of us have heard of the "suddenly Jewish" phenomenon when someone raised as a gentile discovers their Jewish heritage
Sure what good is the tea without the chocolate to go with it? I've had people tell me they get boxes of dairy milk and cadburys
The Emmy nominated series Who Do You Think You Are? returns this spring to follow more of today's most beloved and iconic