Hero Dog Awards

Aubrie Kavanaugh of Paws4Change has always worked hard as an advocate for animals and as an educator about puppy mills. She
He passed away on March 20, 2016… but his legacy lives on.
Harley was a Chihuahua, a mere six pounds in weight, but his impact was the stuff of Herculean legend. As a result, puppy
Earlier this year, Bretagne was selected as one of the eight Hero Dog Awards finalists by the American Humane Association
These magnificent animals truly define courage, loyalty and caring as man's enduring best friend -- all being recognized for exemplifying the limitless unconditional love canines have been gifting humans for centuries.
Who will lick celebrities' hands at the 2014 ceremony, to be held in late September in Beverly Hills? That's up to you -- and
We've already told you that Breed Specific Legislation doesn't know what it's talking about. Here's another pit bull who
More From Dogster: Lucca is a nine-year-old German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. She is now retired after serving in the
While some may claim dogs don't understand dangerous situations, they are trained to know when there is danger and they are trained to run toward the danger to do their job. Surely, they are deserving of one night on the red carpet.
It's no surprise that the Hero Dog Awards received over 450 nominations representing every state in the country. The eight finalists from the various fields of canine service included law enforcement, search and rescue, guide dogs, the military and therapy dogs.
The top honor went to Roselle, a labrador retriever in the Guide Dogs category. Roselle led her owner, Michael Hingson, down
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Film star Ewan McGregor and actress and animal rights campaigner Betty White will join Whoopi Goldberg