Herod was full of bluster and deeply afraid. In his power and riches, he feared that this newborn demand for justice, peace
Many people think of religion as an end in itself and assume that being religious is the only thing God requires of them. The Bible doesn't bear that out. God wants people to be real, to be good, and to become all he made them to be, which requires people to come to him in faith.
Nowrasteh said the casting of Adam Greaves-Neal as Jesus was the key to making the film. "We did a worldwide search but it
The original Christmas story has echoes of the journey thousands face today.
One of Herod's most magnificent projects was the mega-port of Caesarea, which he built like a mini-Rome to dazzle the Roman emperor (Augustus Caesar, aka Octavian) at the time.
Several historical and textual problems emerge from identifying the Dead Sea Scrolls with "the Essenes". Since most of our
Does it matter where our wealth and merchandise come from? Or do we pledge first allegiance to different values, identifying with those in need and working for peace and justice in the world?
During his stay, Matza took a fork – the prisoners were not given knives – and carved the Irgun's symbol on the wall, along