hero's journey

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
What is your story? Whatever it is, know there is more to life and more to understand about yourself than any story you've adopted.
In other words, how can you live your life on purpose instead of aimlessly wandering through life?
Alas! The modern subject has mostly despaired and forgotten the enchanted past of nightly journeys ascensions. They are like
As for fear, Solomon cites the idea of a major life disruption in leaving the comfort of the current circumstances as the
We are all co-creators of the human story, each bringing a piece of it, together creating an immersive, interactive and non-linear narrative that stretches through the ages and into the future.
What will be the story you will tell? How can a whole planet, a whole existence be synthesized into a few sentences? The
The Hero's Journey will sound familiar because it is found in songs, stories, movies and the like everywhere. People such
What is stopping us from collaborating on solutions for the biggest global challenges are not the actual solutions, but our relationships with each other. Our stories do not encompass all of us, they don't welcome and empower all genders, ethnicities, and species.
When you have identified and defined your target audience, you need to provide something of value for them and clearly articulate that value.
Natural Intelligence refers to principles of life and to our lifestyle choices that respect the natural limits and boundaries of earth's resources.
Some writers see the scenes unfold in their mind's eyes, others hear the dialogue like an overhead conversation, some plot
Here are 5 things I've learned while traveling the road of following my bliss that can help you on your Heroine's Journey
For Tim and most of us, the process of leaving home is only two steps away: 1. Listen, so you recognize the quiet calling that never goes away, and 2. Scare the hell out of yourself by taking an action that moves you beyond the melancholy of the familiar.
Eat, Pray, Love was Elizabeth Gilbert's yearlong journey around the world, in search of her true self. It's a memoir, a best
4. It Gets Hard. (We said that already, right? Believe me, it's worth saying it again!) It's a struggle, no one said it would
There is nothing quite like being transported to a completely new world, of following the turbulent life of a plucky young protagonist who defeats fantastical evil against all odds and grows into their own. Answer this: in the current popularity of realistic fiction, where is everyone's favorite hero?
"Every single one of those obstacles, challenges and temptations that you have to learn to manage will help you gain your
Just like every good hero, I was Refusing the Call every time I felt a compelling passion to pursue something, but talked myself out of it. In fact, I was so dead-set on the idea that the Call would come from outside of me, that I didn't even hear it inside.