Chlamydia, herpes, HIV - I could go on. I'm sure most of these terms sound familiar to the majority of people, especially
"Telling someone that you have an STI should not be brave."
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More than half the world's population carries the herpes simplex virus commonly known as oral herpes, a new report from the World Health Organization found.
Several vaccines and microbicides are being studied as potential cures.
We are working to optimize models to test whether the vaccine will be effective in reducing recurrences in people already infected with HSV, and we are completing the preclinical work required to test this new vaccine in people.
The gel worked best in women who used it "religiously."
Making an effort to learn from a past choice (and its consequences) is healthier and more productive than wasting your time berating yourself (or anyone else) for something that happened in the past.
With the advent of location based hookup and dating apps such as Tinder and Scruff, looking for love - whether for life or for the night, has never been easier. But, easier has its consequences.
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One in six people have genital herpes, according to the CDC, so why is there so much shame and silence surrounding the disease? Writer Ella Dawson is trying to break the STD stigma by publicly sharing her personal story. She joins us to discuss.
"If she'd had cold sores, it would have been obvious," Nagel told Live Science. "Most people don't think of HSV-1 as the
Dr. William Halford joins HuffPost Live to discuss his plans to develop a Herpes vaccine.
(Editing by Peter Cooney) In an MBP, a mohel who performs the circumcision uses oral suction to draw blood away from the
Sure, he and I flirted. But, like a good friend (cough, cough) I didn't give him my number. I just told it to him. Keeping