Herschel Walker

Emails show the former Senate candidate had a high-profile donor send money straight to his LLC.
The advice apparently didn't work for the Georgia Senate candidate.
Conway accused the senators of abandoning Herschel Walker before his defeat.
The Fox News hosts consoled each other after Herschel Walker's Georgia runoff defeat and their critics loved it.
The talk show host went after the former president's midterm endorsement record.
Greene also claimed Herschel Walker's loss in a runoff election was a “disaster in Georgia."
"The Late Show" host ripped the Republican loser of the Georgia Senate runoff with back-to-back jokes.
The GOP Georgia Senate candidate's son had a pointed message for his father and other Republicans after Sen. Raphael Warnock's runoff victory.
The Fox News personality said she was "p**sed" and "mad" about the Donald Trump-endorsed candidate's defeat in the Georgia Senate runoff.