Craft ChocolateDandelion Chocolate makes some pretty tasty chocolate liquor (ground cacao in liquid form) The bars are then
"Natural flavor" will be on the ingredients list instead of vanillin, the artificial ingredient that used to give the chocolates their vanilla flavor.
Halloween is here and many a trick-or-treat bag will have a Hershey bar inside. Hershey is doing something special this Halloween, and it has nothing to do with their awesome candy. Hershey is taking on world hunger with the Nourishing Minds campaign.
(Hat tip to Fast Company, who noticed the similiarites.) Step 2: Zoom in And there you have it, poop emoji! And we have to
While finding a fun, kid-friendly vibe on New Year's Eve can sometimes be a challenge, many hotels and resorts are offering special family-friendly celebrations complete with kids' menus and bedtime-friendly celebrations.
Next time you're in the grocery store, take a good look at the chocolate candy on the shelves. See anything different?
A rep for Hershey's said "the company was thrilled and incredibly flattered to be part of such a popular television show
Utz Snacks Learn how a potato becomes a potato chip with this self-guided audio tour at the Utz Snacks Factory in Hanover
In October 2012, when Hershey's announced it would "certify" all its cocoa by 2020, the corporate candy giant received lukewarm applause for finally publically acknowledging its sourcing of cocoa from plantations that exploit child labor.
Keep these attractions in mind to see after the 150th Anniversary hoopla dies down. Gettysburg will still be there, but the crowds won't.