Did the results vary at all by gender? The women already scored pretty high. They were already quite endorsing of feminist
Ryan Gosling is into a lot of things: Jane Austen, affordable health care and "The Hunger Games." One thing he's not too
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Ryan Gosling is irresistible. He's got it all: hero instincts, the guts to call
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"It’s not too far-fetched that Gosling would be a feminist. He’s already demonstrated a pretty high level of interest in
We decided to celebrate the way we commemorate other occasions: by imagining what Ryan Gosling would have to say about it
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Highlights include: The mastermind behind Feminist Ryan Gosling is graduate student and blogger Danielle Henderson, who originally
Less than a year after Ryan Gosling was seen breaking up a fight in New York City, the "Drive" star has apparently played
“Hey girl, may the odds be ever in your favor.” If you had doubts as to whether Ryan Gosling could be applied to every single
It may be Friday -- the day that according to Rebecca Black we all "gotta get down" on -- but here in New York it's gloomy and gray outside. After a full week of working hard, sometimes it's difficult to motivate yourself through the last few hours.
"Hey girl" is a simple salutation that conjures images of a smoldering, pensive Ryan Gosling in the minds of every 20-something
Amaris told The Next Web, that her inspiration for SVRJ came from a combination of other Gosling blogs and her own experiences
Hey girl. We know how much you love Ryan Gosling. So in honor of the first night of Hannukah, we present you with this genius