The classic tale of a chance meeting on a subway platform is the beginning of countless love stories. But for Esosa Ighodaro and Abiodun Johnson, it marked the beginning of a business one.
This year was all about fashioning the change for an equal mainstream platform for designers of color. We are dedicated to the future of fashion and excited to see the progression of these extraordinary designers.
Their time to shine finally arrived on Thursday, Feb. 7 at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem. Designers Deidre Jefferies
The night before the fashion show, designers talk about their hope and fears before the final event. They are making last minute changes to their designs and making sure that everything will be presented at the optimal level. Brandice talks about how the designers have met and exceed her expectations. She discusses the qualities of the designer who will progress to the fall event. We see the designers loading their stuff into the building. We see models preparing for the show.
Before we reveal the video of the dazzling fashion show that Harlem's Fashion Row put on Thursday night at the world famous
Just two and a half weeks to go before the event. The pressure is building. Discussion on how the designers are progressing with their fashion lines – both the joys and the pains. Designers discuss what needs to be done moving forward. Brandice discusses the process of the model casting. Designers discuss how a model can make or break an outfit. Designers discuss what they look for in a model. We see the models walking for the designers as a part of the audition. We then see models walking
The search is over! Harlem's Fashion Row has selected the designers for its upcoming Fall 2013 fashion show during New York
In the first episode of our HFR video series, "The Search," you'll get to see Henderson interact with a handful of HFR hopefuls
With the commercials announcing advance ticket sales with the HFR, it will start to become public which theaters are adapting
Check out Mendez walking in the Harlem's Fashion Row show--and celebs who went from homeless to Hollywood in the slideshow