Key data about hospital beds disappeared from the CDC website after the White House changed COVID-19 reporting rules, leaving the public in the dark.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren spearheaded a letter in which lawmakers say they're “deeply concerned by reports of chaotic attempts to reunify parents and children.”
HUD Secretary Ben Carson has removed a promise of inclusive communities from his agency’s mission statement.
The numbers are only rising a little bit, but the U.S. already spends quite a lot.
Valerie Huber has comprehensive sex education advocates scared.
Senate Democrats continue in their mission to highlight the HHS nominee's troubling conflicts of interest and lack of transparency.
Tom Price's stock deals resurrect concerns about powerful public officials gaining investment opportunities unavailable to the public.
Trump's pick for HHS Secretary, Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), is one of the worst members of Congress in terms of disclosing required
And they're starting with Trump's HHS pick, Tom Price.
According to campaign finance data compiled by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, Scott has raised $84.4