The Trump administration's immigration policies, spearheaded by Miller, are "a danger to everybody in our country," David Glosser told HuffPost.
The Tree of Life attacker made an explicit connection between the Jewish refugee resettlement organization HIAS and his desire to kill Jews, says the group's leader.
Rabbis aren't sure what it'll take to protect their congregants -- or whether guns should be part of the solution.
Accused Pittsburgh shooter Robert Gregory Bowers blamed the organization for bringing "invaders that kill our people."
“Even if the government ultimately decides that we ‘may’ discriminate against a person, the question for me is, ‘Should we?’”
Those committing violence in the name of Islam are not acting in the name or with the support of the vast majority of practicing Muslims.
"How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution."
The children at the border are only a symptom of a crisis of extreme violence in Central America and a crisis inside the Beltway caused by a dysfunctional Congress that misses opportunity after opportunity to fix our broken immigration laws. This is a life and death issue.
Remembering is just the beginning. As we prepare to celebrate Passover next week, we pause to reflect upon the bitterness of tyranny, the taste of freedom and the universal longing for human dignity.