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As we see the casualties mount with each new shooting, the one question gun advocates and gun opponents should both be asking, is: is there a way to save even one life, without threatening each person's ability to defend their own?
Furious opponents hit back in the wake of the laws' passing last year. Two senators who supported the bills -- Senate President
Other sheriffs told the newspaper that enforcement of the new gun laws will be "a very low priority." This isn't the first
The high-capacity 30-round magazines that Adam Lanza used in the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre last December -- killing
Liptak said Magpul should be able to shed more light on the location of its new home by the end of the year, or at the latest
As the Brophy family photo might indicate, Sen. Brophy has made no secret of his support for gun rights and his opposition
Cooke said the need for the attorney general to issue guidance on a new law "points back to what bad bills they are and how
"There's already laws against killing people," Ray Sanchez, an attendee of the Colorado Freedom Shoot, said to The Greeley
Distributed by MCT Information Services "It's already cost the state $100 million in revenue, and it's going to cost more
This Saturday, June 29, the Erie, Colo.-based gun accessory maker will be giving away free 30-round magazines to the first