high-fiber diet

"This study reminds us the role of early-life diet on health in later life."
"We can't definitively tell from these measurements that the change in their diet would have led to more cancer in the African
"Our simple message of increasing fiber includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also whole grain foods, legumes, and
Yang's team divided participants into five groups based on their daily fiber intake. Those in the top fifth, who ate the
Canadian should be eating twice as much fibre as they usually do: the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre is between
Sneaky Tips to Add More Fiber to Any Meal Add flaxseed meal to oats, smoothies, yogurt and baked goods -- you can even try
Pumpkin Oatmeal Sure, you already knew that heart-healthy oatmeal was high in fiber, but were you aware that canned pumpkin
We all know that we're supposed to eat more fiber. It's one of the central, undisputed tenants of a healthy diet that has
By Anne Harding Fiber can lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol, and may even prevent colon cancer and help you avoid hemorrhoids
Fiber has so many health benefits that I want to focus on it in this week's blog. I'll explain some of its benefits and give you 9 tips you can begin using today to get more fiber in your diet.