high frequency trading

Our public securities markets are essential for companies large and small to access capital and for our economy to grow.
Picture this: you can protect your investments against the aggressive high-frequency trading (HFT) right in your portfolio. "What?" you may ask. With the latest technology from AbleMarkets, now available on Quandl, hedging aggressive HFT is no longer just wishful thinking, but a reality.
Let's assume, for just a moment, Mrs. Clinton is interested in regulating high-frequency traders, but has simply missed the mark. If we hope to properly regulate these traders, there are two preliminary questions we should answer.
A close look at Mrs. Clinton's proposal to address the bad behavior of high-frequency traders leaves me concerned that the candidate is thinking more like Val, her SNL alter-ego, than a seasoned legislator and policy wonk.
But she stops well short of Bernie Sanders' call to break up the banks.
This problem will not be fixed by slapping a big fine on Volkswagen. The problem is bigger than that. The problem lies with the system itself. We must decide whether our system should serve the interests of people, or profits. Right now, profits are winning.