high heel pain

Often times, they can magically solve many structural problems in the entire body. They allow the foot to function biomechanically
As sexy as a killer pair of high heels can be, the pain from wearing them too long can be excruciating -- and you could be
As Miller says, your feet set the stage for how the rest of your body feels. So, doing certain things -- like making sure
Yes, high heels can be bad for you. But, if you want to wear high heels, here are some tips to wearing them responsibly, remaining as injury-free as possible and enjoying your pumps on a regular basis.
Now I say it proudly: Flats are where it's at! From Chanel ballet flats to Target flip flops, these comfortable, wearable
So what's a girl to do? Give up her Jimmy C's or Christian's? Here are three simple steps to help avoid foot pain.