high maintenance

The "High Maintenance" co-creator talks MMF threesomes, writing while high and bringing her joint effort to HBO.
Forget chill. It’s all about Netflix & Netflix.
Forget chill. It’s all about Netflix & Netflix.
In honor of the Brooklyn opening, Alamo this week released three new PSAs, featuring some familiar New York faces. Watch
Before it became your favorite HBO show, Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair's show was a wild web series.
I am getting a tad outraged by the investment I have been making in my personal upkeep. I know it's my choice -- honestly, it's my decision to augment my 'natural' beauty -- so why do I feel trapped in this vicious cycle of hair and body?
I have a soft spot for indie films about characters in their twenties who are trying to make sense of their lives. But this is a bit different.
The Cosmo is a fruity martini enjoyed by women stuck in the 90s, Katy Perry aficionados, and those that thought Legally Blonde wasn't a movie, but a documentary about their college sorority lives.
One thing different about dating as an adult, as opposed to dating back in high school or college, is that certain painful economic realities kick in.