high rents

Rent hikes will be capped at 5% plus inflation in a state with some of the highest housing and poverty rates in the U.S.
The representative-elect criticized Fox panelists for mocking working-class people ― and for mispronouncing her name.
There's often room to negotiate a rental increase.
Rents in other major cities actually went down this month, but not in Washington.
She got out of debt, but she goes without a toilet.
New York City "wins" -- and its renters stand to lose a lot of money.
It’s no surprise that micro apartments are in demand -- that’s all the space many people can afford.
Rents have gone up faster than incomes for decades. Way, way faster.
New York state Sen. Adriano Espaillat is running for Congress with a proposal to protect neighborhoods like Harlem, where rents are skyrocketing.
Eric Fischer looked at thousands of old apartment listings to try to understand how the Bay Area's rents got so high.
For people earning the minimum wage, the answer is “way more than you make.”
There's more to Silicon Valley than the tech industry.