The threat of the looming sequester is a genuinely good reason to get very stressed out about what might happen to the domestic discretionary budget and the vulnerable Americans who are served by any number of important services. But there seems to be no one who is suffering from outright Sequestration Derangement as badly as Bob Woodward. That unraveling hit a high today, when he went on the "Morning Joe" program and seemingly forgot that our nation is nominally governed by the rule of law.
Woodward has been dining out lately on the little scooplet from his book The Price Of Politics that places the germination
Whether and how well we teach civics are important questions, especially in the midst of an election campaign in which millions of Americans are being asked to sort through complicated issues and navigate an increasingly difficult voting process.
The Cain segment made euphemistic references to the presidential candidates's pizza business, like "You want sausage on your