high school dropout

Metal detectors were at the entrance and kids were forced to walk through to make sure no weapons were brought into the building
Professor of Child Development David Henry Feldman and 9-year-old college student Tanishq Abraham join Mike to explore the idea of child prodigies taking a different route when it comes to education.
Many students drop out because of academic failure, behavioral problems, and life issues, but many more students stay in school but drop out in their heads, gradually disengaging from what the schools have to offer.
For more student-made videos and original student reporting, head over to schooltube.com. "I'm dropping out" are words spoken
This was the first time I’d gone to a school outside of Brooklyn, and everything seemed really impersonal. Murry Bergtraum
Just days after President Barack Obama called for states to raise the minimum age at which students can drop out of high
However, the study found that "a much larger, faster-growing group-- the 1.2 million second-generation Hispanics--had substantially
It's 8 a.m., and Mission High School choir director Steven Hankle is about to start class. Soul and hip-hop tunes play softly
This recession hasn't been borne equally along class lines in New York City. It hasn't created the sense of urgency that propelled the New Deal, the WPA, and LaGuardia's Health and Hospital Corporation.
Of all the people who lack political and economic power in New York City, low-income kids using student passes to get to junior high school or high school must lead the list.