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The days following Election Day produced some poignant conversations for this English major turned video production teacher--with just a minor in US History.
Now that you've written an unfiltered first draft, it is the time to start editing. Make sure that what you've written falls
Not all credit card issuers report authorized user activity to the credit bureaus, the companies that assemble the credit
Contrite beyond words for having gone your own way, you resolve to become an example to others. You shall follow the ancient
Fixed in one brief moment of time and place on an insignificant planet in a minor galaxy, we unaccountably believe that we are the navel of the universe, the measure of all things, the epitome of creation, and the Alpha and Omega of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.
C. G. Jung also said something relevant in this conncection: "The greatest and most important problems of life can never
B. PUPPY ROOM Of all the entries I collected for this blog, the one that really touched my heart was the highly respected
You can hear moving example of this potential in this podcast with students who participated in a semester-long QUESTion
If you are a student, a student who has often pondered problems plaguing your own community and thought, "I wish somebody would do something about this" - go ahead, put down the pail, and light the fire.
The Emotion Revolution was launched on the basic belief - supported by a growing body of scientific research - that emotions are fundamental to a young person's decision making, academic achievement, and overall well-being.
After 20 years, I still am especially inspired by students who want go to a college that is so different and far from the expectations of their community. It speaks to a certain quality about them as human beings.
After a fight video went viral of a legally blind high school student in Huntington Beach, CA getting beaten up in school
Now anyone anywhere can record their story about someone who made a meaningful difference in their life.
This year, a generation of kids will be thrust into the long awaited but still unsettling age of puberty and turn to ABC Family for answers. While you enjoy your show, think about what that half hour is creating in our generation.
College searching should be fun, not so anxiety-inducing that my nails are just constantly bitten down all the way. I should be enjoying my summer, not desparately searching for the answers to a question that will not even be considered for months.
Exploring a variety of options, finding a good match, and making it your own place to think, create, and grow. That's what the college search process is all about.
"Hey, that's my story!" my mentee Adan Gonzalez blurted out as I read him some of the preliminary findings from a study the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, myCollegeOptions and the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) conducted called Taking the Pulse of the High School Student in America.