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“I’m surprised I survived it too,” joked California Democrat Eric Swalwell.
Maybe not everyone had a Mr. Jaeger to open their minds to wonders they never knew existed, and to find gifts in their head, stamina in their gut and hopes in their heart they didn't know they had. But if you were lucky enough to have at least one teacher like that, I hope you were able to tell him or her how grateful you are before it turned out to be too late.
Before Dr. Grey, there was a lot of hair spray. This old photo uncovered by Snakkle proves that "Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen
The case made national headlines after Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory officials announced that Urbina's portrait had
Paris Gray is the vice president of her senior class at Mundy’s Mill High School in Clayton County. In an attempt to leave a humorous quote in the yearbook, she ended up almost getting banned from her graduation ceremony.
This was my first year on the staff; a year filled with awkward getting-to-know-yous with my own peers, nitty-gritty font choices, hours upon hours of coming up with headline puns, and most importantly, the utmost joy I have ever felt in my life.
Gray now joins the likes of other great yearbook quoters. Take, for example, these sisters who took the opportunity to tell
What's the funniest yearbook quote you've seen this year? Tell us in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen. HYAAAAAAH, indeed
School officials have since apologized to Worthen and his family, according to USA Today. A South Paulding High School representatives
According to The Toronto Star, students and staff only noticed the mischievous bits after nearly all of the school's 1,300