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Cities may not be able to turn to the Federal Communications Commission for help getting around state laws that prohibit
Verizon New York's Annual Report for 2014 has just come out and it is a page turner. Let me start with some facts and then answer two questions -- How did Verizon New York lose billions in 2014? Isn't FiOS, Verizon's fiber optic service, profitable?
Net Neutrality itself doesn't solve America's communications problems and we hope that the FCC decides to actually investigate our claims that a) Verizon failed to disclose that the networks are already Title II.
Separate products and services have their own profitability and moreover, because of massive cross-subsidies (which we documented
In our Petition for Investigation of Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Comcast, we point out that TWC's High-Speed Internet service has a 97 percent profit margin and a number of people asked how that statistic was derived. Simple. Time Warner Cable provides the information, (with some caveats).
The Verizon FIOS girl stole the hearts of Super Bowl viewers when she showed us in a commercial that it is possible to have
It's a dispute over dollars, a battle one consumer advocate called "a food fight between two haves at our expense."
Broadband will serve as a launching pad for the next generation of America's diverse workforce and it starts with expanded access to high-speed mobile broadband in every classroom, community library and small business suite across the country.
The editorials also come as Congress is considering the nomination of Tom Wheeler to be the new head of the Federal Communications
Make no mistake -- America's connectivity is one of the most important economic and social issues we face.