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Spaniards call potheads "kangaroos" because when the police come, they stow their joints - not in pockets which can be legally
How do you think weed has affected pop culture? The concept and inspiration stems from the true root of what PUFFPUFFPASS
When most heads think of Humboldt County, bucolic fields of bud, a rugged coastline and fun-loving pot growers come to mind, but few realize that there's a dark side to this hippie paradise that only the locals know about.
Happy 80th birthday, Willie. You are a true American original. May every liberal-conservative-human rights-farm-advocate-music loving pot smoker light one up in your honor.
Ahmed is joined by High Times Magazine's Associate Publisher Richard Cusick, who demonstrates how to successfully pass a
Rather than sit on the sidelines, the One Hitters swung for the fences by claiming that their opponents backed out because
Been to a cannabis trade show lately? The floors are crawling with barely-clothed women pitching products. People shrug and say that's what happens at trade shows, but why does that have to be the case at our shows?
"Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Guide" runs the gamut, from pot comedies to druggy dramas to movies that are simply fun to watch stoned -- over 420 of them.
Some of her favorite activities are "spinning lights, meditating, hitting my bong and my Incredibowl, tending the garden
The Fox News Channel has this delightfully mind-bending late night show called Red Eye, where stoners and insomniacs with