Highland Park, Illinois

Robert Crimo Jr. helped obtain a firearms license for his then-teenaged son, who is now charged with killing seven people at a Fourth of July event.
The man accused of opening fire at an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago faces 117 felony charges.
Cooper Roberts' spine was severed in horrific mass shooting on Fourth of July.
A badly timed ad from the campaign of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was taken off the air "ASAP" this week.
Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett said exorcists can help potential mass shooters with "deeply spiritual problems."
The Fox News host responded to the Highland Park shooting with a bizarre set of reasons why it isn't about guns.
“Yesterday should have been the day to come together with family and friends to celebrate," the vice president said in Chicago before going to Highland Park.
After both of the boy's parents were killed by a gunman, community members worked to reunite him with his grandparents.
Dr. David Baum told CNN the people who were killed were "blown up by that gunfire."
At least seven people were killed and about two dozen others, including several children, were taken to hospitals.