highlight reel

There is an irony about trying to make memories: that we will not really know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
A collection of Jon Stewart's 2012 highlights.
As you may have seen, last night history was made when Jon Stewart found himself agreeing with Glenn Beck on something, calling
Vice President Joe Biden went on ABC's "The View" today, marking the first time a sitting vice president or president has
It's funny when people mispronounce words. You may have caught the video we posted earlier of news reporters attempting to
Really? Coburn said he was pretty sure he'd heard it before. And of course, he had. So Senator Coburn, if you'd like to be
Video produced by HuffPost's Ben Craw Seizing upon the opportunity to create a highlight reel featuring Republicans rabidly
Well, today is your lucky day! Taking a cue from our Best Goldman Sachs Fraud Metaphors slideshow, we've gone through the