highly sensitive

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A common pairing I see in counseling, and in life (and in my own marriage!) is Highly Sensitive (HSP) female with non-Highly Sensitive male.
Not many people know that the color of a person's hair may have something to do with their tolerance for pain.
Did you not notice? That's pretty impressive too. On. You see, I'm a Highly Sensitive Person so it's easy for me to feel
4. You can help others get along You are usually able to notice and empathize with other people's perspectives, because you
3. Pause in your discomfort. In a moment of discomfort or pain, instead of reaching for something external to numb yourself
Looking for something more thoughtful than a standard gift card for Mother's Day this year? All moms are special, but moms who are Highly Sensitive may feel much deeper appreciation for thoughtful gifts, due to their genetic capacity to feel more deeply.
Hurt people hurt people, as the saying goes. It doesn't make getting your heart broken any easier, particularly if you feel very deeply.
Are you curious to see if you are a highly sensitive person? Here are 11 signs that you may be one:
Much of the outside world does not realize the roller coaster of emotion highly-sensitive types are on because we're often very good at hiding it behind smiling eyes, a happy-go-lucky giggle, optimism and a deep trust in the world as a wonderful place.
This concept struck such a collective chord in my book Positive Energy that in Emotional Freedom I illustrate how it applies to protecting your emotions and not absorbing other people's negativity. In the book I discuss these vampires to watch for and ways to deal with them.
As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I have always dreaded the holiday season. Shopping malls make me feel anxious, and I have often found myself sick over Christmas. The holiday season should be one of joy, but the truth for many people is that it can be a time of stress.