highly sensitive people

Men are taught from a young age that our worth is in our strength — both physical and emotional.
FREELANCE OK, so this one’s broad, but self-employment is a no-brainer for an HSP. The ability to set your own schedule and
We get overwhelmed and exhausted more easily than you do.
How to handle put-downs and insults without losing your cool.
You must be a singer, or perhaps a freediver? Your lung capacity is amazing. You didn't even take a breath the entire evening
There is zero point in making your kid anxious about something that may not happen; she is seven, she isn't going to take six months to say goodbye to friends and family, she will take a week max.
If you are worn down emotionally right now, I get it. May you receive the nourishment you need to handle the gifts you've been given. I am grateful for you. The world needs your superpowers. And they are superpowers.
It turns out, I can. Me. But you can bet I felt it, every single time, without fail. You can bet a part of me shrunk into
When does watching out for your Highly Sensitive Child turn into a level of protection that may prevent your child from healthy development? This is a question that I hear a lot when discussing sensitive kids with their parents, and there is a lot to unpack in this one question.