Many Muslim women wrestlers have hit obstacles due to their need to dress modestly, and have been prohibited from participating in competitions.
"It’s awakened something I don’t think will be quieted in a long, long time," the president said of demonstrations since Mahsa Amini's death.
Nearly three weeks in, the demonstrations against Iran's religious regime have found their new, courageous leaders: schoolgirls and young women.
The demonstrations sweeping Iran and the rest of the world are just the latest in a powerful resistance against the politicizing and policing of women’s bodies.
Students who wear the headscarves will no longer be required to seek a waiver to participate in sports.
In an exclusive interview with HuffPost, a Muslim woman talks about the trauma she faced after police confiscated and photographed her without her hijab.
The Air Force’s updated policy sets new grooming and uniform standards for members who wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons.
The model, who is Muslim, has broken multiple barriers in the fashion industry.
Aida Shyef Al-Kadi was so humiliated by the actions of Ramsey County jail officers that she studied law at a library and filed a federal lawsuit representing herself.
Race officials told the teen that she needed to have a written waiver in order to compete, even though she'd never been asked for one before.