The International Basketball Federation has officially decided to allow athletes to wear traditional religious headwear during games. The policy reversal, which permits athletes to compete in a hijab, turban or yarmulke, for example, is a step in the right direction for inclusion in sports.
Muslim women who are wearing the headscarfs are becoming the targets of attacks and threats to their lives and safety. Zainab goes to Minneapolis, Minnesota to understand why they are taking the headscarf on, the meaning of Islam in their lives, and how they are fighting back with their voice and actions .
The artwork, titled "Walk a Mile in Her Veil," was smashed to the ground while on display at London's Royal College of Art.
"Beautiful location, mediocre boba, all served with a heaping dose of racism and sexism," one woman wrote on Facebook.
Lately, Abercrombie's "Look Policy," which governs the outward appearance of its salespeople, has been a point of contention