Hiking trails

6. Rangitoto Island Loop - Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand is one of the best places for endless, beautiful scenery and
The Olympics aren't the only reason to explore Rio.
THE FIVE BEST HIKES IN DOMINICA If you arrive well before dark, you can easily hitch a ride back to town from the lake with
Griffith Park's 4,200+ acres take up the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains and offer something for everyone, whether that's tennis, golf, horseback riding, miniature trains, or museums.
Colorado is taking a step in the right direction and, in Washington, D.C., Congress should follow that lead and provide the tools needed to protect many of the special places Americans will be visiting this summer.
When we neared the top, another pair of hikers were there to greet us. Bill and Michelle are, like us, forging a quest of
You need to hit the trail and get into the wild to really capture all that the parks have to offer. Take a look at this list, lace up your hiking boots, and start planning your next hiking trip.
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3. You have accomplished so much individually as the Blind Hiker. Why did you start Team Farsight? At age 35 Trevor Thomas
With the arrival of spring, the ground is thawing, flowers are blossoming, and nature is jumping back to life. Take advantage