hilaria baldwin

A 2013 David Letterman interview where Alec Baldwin mimics a Spanish accent has gone viral amid online chatter about Hilaria Baldwin's nationality.
The wife of Alec Baldwin has long claimed ties to Spain but was born in Boston with the given name "Hillary." She's been the subject of recent online chatter.
Alec Baldwin’s wife has long presented herself as being from Spain. But under pressure from a viral Twitter thread, she has made a few clarifications.
The "I Feel Pretty" actor used a photo of Hilaria Baldwin holding her newborn, and things got messy.
"We couldn't be happier," Hilaria Baldwin wrote with a photo of the lad.
"Here we go again," the "Mom Brain" podcaster wrote alongside an Instagram video that revealed the baby's heartbeat.
The wife of actor Alec Baldwin said she hit "rock bottom" when she lost another child this month.
The yoga instructor, who had a previous miscarriage in April, posted a heartbreaking video with her 6-year-old daughter.
"She wants to have another one," the actor told Kevin Nealon on "Hiking With Kevin."
“I am surrounded by such love and I feel so fortunate,” the yoga instructor wrote on Instagram.