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He forced Hillary Clinton to defend not talking about Palestinian dignity.
Sanders' Democratic debate comments on Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian conflict echo those that got Simone Zimmerman suspended.
The erratic billionaire's policy ideas for the Middle East are "dangerously wrong," she said.
The bottom line is that Clinton does not have to prove anything to AIPAC. Its constituency is solidly in her corner. And that is why the AIPAC speech provides her with a real opportunity.
I am not a terrorist. I do not believe in the use of violence. I am a young Palestinian woman who grew up under occupation and is trying to better my life through education. There are millions of women and girls like me. What about us? According to your article, we do not exist.
In a phone discussion with Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish
Clinton said the nuclear program isn’t “the only problem we have with Iran.” WASHINGTON -- Former Secretary of State Hillary
"[J]ust as we try to do in the United States and be as careful as possible in going after targets to avoid civilians," mistakes
"The intent is to explain to the Palestinians that actions have consequences," Roth told The Huffington Post. "A major tenet
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's seven-hour marathon meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday
Clinton is giving this peace process some considerable muscle, but has done nothing reflecting a change in strategy, personnel or inclusion of negotiating participants from what was underway before her involvement and earlier failures.
President Obama's abysmal attitude toward the State of Israel and his humiliating treatment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shocking.
There is much speculation that this kerfluffle over 1,600 theoretical apartments on the wrong side of the green line in Jerusalem
CAIRO -- The Obama administration has concluded that an early resumption of high-level negotiations between Israel and the
President Obama came into office insisting that his administration would press hard and fast to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian
If Israel has full American backing in security and defense, it will have more flexibility to concede the occupied territories because ultimately ensuring Israel's security takes away its main rational for keeping Palestinian and Syrian territories.
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Iran is not on Hillary Rodham Clinton's itinerary in her first swing through the Middle East and Europe