hillary clinton pantsuits

Don't be fooled, Melania is smarter than we give her credit for and while Trump may be a hot head, Melania has calculated
The ensemble, however, has a controversial history, and Clinton's clothing choice hasn't been bereft of criticism. "Hideous
To understand Hillary is to understand the modern-day pantsuit. It's practical, pragmatic, focused, fashionable and efficient. A woman in a pantsuit signals, "I mean business."
Looking at Hillary Clinton the other day at the debate gave me great pleasure! Listening to her did too, by the way. We had a case of almost glowing 'Mature Beauty' here. Very fetching hair in an amazing color, soft lipstick, sparkling blue eyes!
Looks like Hillary Clinton is getting ready to share more with the Internet.
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"It's a little pantsuit! It's a little cream pantsuit," Fallon said, trying to clarify that the joke was all about Clinton's
“Would you ever ask a man that question?” Hillary Clinton gave that reply two years ago, when an interviewer in Kyrgyzstan
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Hopefully Hillary wasn't ambushed by any streakers this time. Clinton, who's the first secretary of state to visit the embattled
Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel celebrated their shared love of pantsuits on Tuesday as the German Chancellor attended
Over the last ten years, Hillary Clinton has gone from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State, and her wardrobe has
It's that time of year again -- when Manhattan bears witness to the expression of the highest aspirations for global harmony
A study found that voters evaluate women politicians more on beauty and approachability, while they look for competence and dominance in male politicians. If we're aware of this tendency, let's stop the senseless speculations.
Hillary Clinton ditched her usual monochromatic pantsuits for a jazzy jacket during her meeting with Iraqi President Jalal
So, what should she do? "I think separates, not suits, would be helpful," says Verdi. She wears "outfits" and they're not