hillary clinton pantsuits

Now that Donald and Melania Trump are moving into The White House, our next first lady is sounding more confident and relaxed
Women's appropriation of men's clothing should be ho-hum in an age of unisex fashion trends and boyfriend jeans. But the
To understand Hillary is to understand the modern-day pantsuit. It's practical, pragmatic, focused, fashionable and efficient. A woman in a pantsuit signals, "I mean business."
Looking at Hillary Clinton the other day at the debate gave me great pleasure! Listening to her did too, by the way. We had a case of almost glowing 'Mature Beauty' here. Very fetching hair in an amazing color, soft lipstick, sparkling blue eyes!
Looks like Hillary Clinton is getting ready to share more with the Internet.
She still has some catching up to do to reach Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and his nearly 27,000 followers and retired neurosurgeon
To his surprise, the audience seemed less than amused -- and most of the crowd booed the joke. This is especially true considering
“Would you ever ask a man that question?” Hillary Clinton gave that reply two years ago, when an interviewer in Kyrgyzstan
Here at Stylelist we have the freedom of a wearing pretty much whatever we want to work. Our liberal dress code means that