In a move that many interpret as an attempt to further distance herself from President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has written a new book in which she reveals that she has never actually met the President.
Seven years later, Clinton is considering another run at the presidency. Once again, she is the dominant brand in the marketplace, the one to beat.
Clinton made the hard choice to defend the human rights of the international LGBT community and, in her interview with Terry Gross, she reminds us that none of us lives on an island. We are a global community. It is not enough to fight for equality at home.
Hillary Clinton turned 65 this past Friday, October 26 and, according to Reuters, the Secretary of State wants to take time off from public life, regardless of the outcome on November 6.
In every way imaginable, this administration has telegraphed -- no, tweeted -- its weakness to the Russians. Based on our experience dealing with Russians -- at the top and the bottom levels -- they respect strength -- constancy and firmness. Let's see some of it.
Secretary Clinton wants to give diplomacy time to work. But three years have already been wasted in merry-go-round diplomacy. These are three years the locusts have eaten. All the while, the mullahs have been building, hiding, advancing their nuclear weapons program.
The Department of Labor will vigorously protect the right of all workers in Alabama to have their federal right to a legal wage protected.
Why can't I ask that? And if I am not to ask what can this country do for me, shouldn't I at least ask what exactly a country is for, by which I believe JFK meant government?
The pan-cultural group of American Muslims who gathered in Washington enjoyed a menu that mixed Western ingredients like puff pastry and Brie with Middle Eastern staples such as saffron and halal lamb.
The aim is to set standards for the global $55 billion export business in guns, tanks, attack helicopters, jet fighters, missiles and other conventional weapons.
This event features an half-dozen speakers, with expertise in subjects ranging from market-based solutions for global poverty to the economic and social effects of the Internet and more,
It's been a momentous time for America and our new president, who has restored the faith of many in our nation and our government.
Hillary's testimony marks a heightened focus on development not only as an effective means to advance U.S. foreign policy and to improve America's image, but also as a critical goal in and of itself.
There is no question that Bashir has earned his day in Court. But the world must take Bashir's threats of "more violence and blood in Darfur" seriously and prepare accordingly.