It is a fact that you will be known for generations to come, your legacy unmatched by most. You showed what the good book
Maybe our bodies or tastes are telling us something. Maybe they're showing us the way that we can learn from each other to everyone's benefit. Maybe our palates should lead the way on immigration policy--welcoming newcomers from around the globe will continue to enrich our culinary options. Weight Watchers beware!
  My son has an adorable friend who is easily described as charismatic, handsome and funny. He has been a big part of our
Why Objectifying the Ultimate Objectifier Is More Than Wrong; It Isn’t Helping  I’ll be upfront with you. I deeply fear the
Within his speech pushing for unity with Clinton, Bernie Sanders stated “I look forward to your votes during the roll call
Donald Trump doesn't speak for me, or my black and Hispanic friends, or my friends raising kids alone, or my gay, transgender and bi friends, or my veteran friends who feel abandoned by the country that sent them to war.
We finished our dinner and made an unspoken vow not to talk politics again during this cycle. That said, 2016 is a unique
"Tenemos que contribuír en al sistema political porque si nosotros no contribuimos a nos trabajos no existe. " (translation