Photos and video appear to show Kristin Harila and her team climbing over an injured porter while ascending the mountain rather than saving him.
Mount Everest's glaciers have lost 2,000 years of ice in just the past 30 years.
The twin-engine aircraft that crashed in Nepal killed all 72 people on board.
Officials say search teams have retrieved the flight data and cockpit voice recorders of a passenger plane that plummeted into a gorge on approach to a new airport in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi used his India Independence Day speech Thursday to defend his decision to strip Kashmir of the disputed region's special status.
Some in the mostly-Muslim territory were allowed to walk to mosques for Eid over a week after India stripped the disputed Himalayan region of its autonomy.
An avalanche hit the route that the group of eight is believed to have taken.
And if climate change is not sharply curbed, the region could lose two-thirds of its glaciers by 2100, scientists say.