"When you’re trained to keep your distance within the same household, keeping six feet away from strangers is a piece of cake."
A new law gives undocumented Hindus, Buddhists, Christian, and other religious minorities a pathway to citizenship, but excludes Muslims.
In this religious festival, torch-wielding devotees hurl burning leaves at each other to satisfy a goddess.
“Our advice is to make friends to followers of all religions."
“If you really want to be a cultural appropriation enabler, the least you can do is call it a Tikka."
Last weekend, in the holy temple town of Udupi in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, a gathering of saints and devotees
Hinduism considers sex to be only between husband and wife. Premarital sex is considered a sin. It was very strictly prohibited
It's the first time a president has lit the diya in the Oval Office.
The festival commemorates the victory of light over the darkness.
At a press conference to promote "Shivaay" in New York City last month, Devgn, along with actress wife Kajol (who was last