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"This is a chance to showcase this very special artistic tradition to our audiences in the United States," said the show's curator.
Mandala Publishing, a branch of multimedia publishing company Insight Editions LP, released two new poster collections on
The show's title refers to Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms of Southeast Asia ranging from the 5th through the 8th centuries. Nearly
In a lecture at the museum, the art critic Jerry Saltz remarked, "Artists don't own the meaning of their work," and though
Should they be "repatriated" if they were obtained illegally? Are they art? In whose eyes are they considered art? Or are they artifacts?
Shouldn't the most authoritative of our cultural institutions, certainly those renown globally, be so sensitive as to represent the history of international art with the like mindedness of diplomats to mitigating the injuries historically wrought by political and cultural colonizations?
The medium may have evolved, depending on your perspective, but the weight of spirituality in the human experience has retained
By Bob Smietana Religion News Service NASHVILLE (RNS) In Hindu tradition, Lord Vishnu shows up in many forms. There's Prince