Rivas and his wife, Norma Umana, put their careers on hold in order to ensure the success of the school. One of his main
Here are just a few of the verse-visual mashups: Spitting sick verses over stunning sketches since December 2013, Fly Art
While AnimalNY is not advocating for public use of the stickers due to the potential legal repercussions, it is providing
HP: Back in 2011, you mentioned a disconnect between the fine art and hip-hop worlds. Have you seen progress in the past
For the project "Rap Quotes," Jay Shells put his graphic design skills to use with a series of bright red signs emblazoned with lyrics from famous hip hop artists including Mos Def, Jay Z and Big Daddy Kane.
Check out the slideshow below to see some of Shells's "Rap Quotes" and let us know what you think of the site-specific project
But no matter. Cheers and chronic quickly filled the air when 3MG bounded on stage, backlit by the museum's iconic "Urban