hippocratic oath

Each morning, I read a framed Hippocratic Oath on my office wall. My parents presented this to me over 25 years ago.   Professionally
The rifleman mustering for a firing squad is honest - an icon of retribution without pretense. If we can own his violent act on our behalf, capital punishment suits us. But clinical killing is euphemism - a cowardly way for us to deceive ourselves.
It seems to me that Dr. Simon missed the entire point of the article, which was reflected in the following quote: "Many Generation
We look forward to his on-air response, and hope that Dr. Oz will be transparent and honest about his methods, intentions and future behavior.
The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. It requires a new physician to swear, upon a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards.
Our patients are suffering mentally and physically from outrageous rate increases, and as the Hippocratic Oath makes clear, we must "keep them from harm and injustice."
Let's not talk about Hillary Clinton specifically -- let's examine, instead, the role of the run-of-the-mill criminal lawyer who chooses to, or is appointed to, represent an extremely unpopular defendant, or a defendant counsel believes is truly guilty.
He was believed to be many thousands of years old and left behind a rich legacy of accomplishments. His early years were
Despite this extremely successful course of treatment, some medical bureaucrats seem to think that I am an outlier -- a mere statistical oddity who was not economically worthy of receiving this level of care.
When the dedicated, expert hospital staff saves a life -- yet the survivor loses all of his assets down a fiscal rabbit hole because of wildly inflated medical bills -- how is the hospital honoring its vow?
Today the phrase American leadership stands for attempts by the United States to militarily convert societies and countries to conform to American beliefs and serve American interests.
Children, families, communities and schools are being harmed. High stakes testing and accountability-based reforms undermine our democracy and do not work.
Medicine has always been grounded in humanitarian ideals, as reflected in codes of ethics. The humanitarian roots of American medicine are evident in our many hospitals named for saints.
As true professionals, business leaders must accept their responsibility to create real, sustainable value.
That doesn't mean it's not happening. Government policies that prohibit effective treatment for individuals who use drugs
That an anesthesiologist could be on tour with Michael administering propofol is both baffling and repugnant. The King of Pop was effectively anaesthetized every night, while our profession was asleep at the wheel.
According to astrology, which was developed as a tool to understand the cycles of the seasons, now is the best time in 250 years to transform the health care institutions.
How can a vulnerable physician resist the temptation to "bend the rules" for these "tabloid elites?"
This letter speaks eloquently to an issue critical to the administration and the conduct of our society.