• Have the family attorney create a durable power of attorney and healthcare proxy. • Family, camp, social, business, religious
Falling in real love and spending all your time with your love and taking lots of pictures of your love and making weird little noises with your love because o my aren't they beautiful and we are all going to die
Joanna Walters joins HuffPost Live to discuss the chocolate controversy in Brooklyn, NY.
No red suit for this Saint Nick in Portland, Oregon.
Germany Kreuzberg, Berlin A West Berlin neighborhood best seen by bike and best experienced through brunch, Kreuzberg is
Take a step back and this intergenerational warfare, fought across the trenches of technology-swayed narcissism and entitlement, arguably resembles a more fundamental and timeless sort of conflict -- the pitting of emergent youth against traditionalist elders.
Credit: Flickr/Brad.K Asheville, NC Portland-worthy stores: Garage 34, Asheville Goods, Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Hitched
Research shows that most bikers are from low-income, minority communities, so why are they left out of bike advocacy?
The New York Times recently ran an article about hipster fashion trends that claimed sarcastically that "the Rick Steves look is next." While I'm honored to be mentioned in any article discussing pop culture, I must respectfully disagree with the author. It is, in fact, the current fashion trend.
Beyond corporate-speak, popspeak is annoying. Here are 12 words that are trending and imho should not be used, yes a ban on free speech.
Original Unverpackt (Originally Unpackaged) is a Berlin-based supermarket which demonstrates one very simple way we can cut down on the amount of waste we produce in our day to day lives.