When a person triggers irritation within me, they are shining a spotlight on a place of lack in my life.
Across the country this summer more and more Americans are tapping into the craft beer craze which is why Atticus Wilson and his hipster friends have started to drink light beer.
  3. Zurich, Switzerland Photo: FREITAG Store Zürich by: Rosmarie Voegtli flickr - Courtesy: Trip.com Zurich is slowly making
Falling in real love and spending all your time with your love and taking lots of pictures of your love and making weird little noises with your love because o my aren't they beautiful and we are all going to die
Truth be told, you can keep your green smoothies. I prefer vanilla malts. Truth be told, I prefer Fritos to crispy-baked vegetables. I feel like screaming when I hear people speaking in hushed tones of reverence over the preparation of kale chips as if they were physicians discussing methods of heart surgery. In fact, I'd be fine if I never heard the word "kale" again
Speculation had been that a woman would replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill, but Hamilton is now a Broadway star, and Jackson has no current representation.
Take a walk down the streets of Ruzafa and you'll find yourself welcomed into small, independently owned shops. Restaurants where people share their food with strangers. Even a "microtheatre" where you can catch short, 20-minute theater performances in-between dinner and drinks.
Everybody loves funny wedding memories, but something that happens to the bride or groom's face isn't really funny. I'm sure this groom would have had a much better time at his wedding and reception if he didn't know he looked stupid, and if his face hadn't been burning. Take care so that you can have the most fun possible!
I was born in Pensacola, Florida but lived all over the country most of my life and always considered the Navy beach town home. The Panhandle is a curious place because although it is paradise most of the year; there is a winter and direct flights from any place other than Atlanta are hard to come by.
I am decades older now than I was on that visit to Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island but fundamentally I am the same. I am still the hopeful romantic about my city, albeit now a warmer one with different flora, mountains, tastes and accents.
I get up early on Sunday morning and drive to the manufacturing district, which is totally desolate. I'm self-conscious because I'm visiting a hipster church.
The drug war brought violence to Latin America, but let me tell you it's also brought opportunity and created a way to escape a system of deeply-ingrained poverty for hundreds of thousands of people.
The two billion Christians of the world and the several Christians still left in the United States do well to listen to the criticism which argues that they do not help seekers, being smugly satisfied with the incurious "finders" and "keepers."
Below are five trends that we are watching, paired with headlines you might see in The Onion in 2016. In other words, don't take our "predictions" too seriously. But there's often great truth in satire.
We put it up against Hershey's and Godiva to see if we could taste a difference.
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People have come and gone, but the subway lines are still running, on the same routes on the same tracks, among all those ghosts of happy times past.
Missoula, MT Portland-worthy restaurants: Pearl Cafe, Red Bird, Scotty's Table Could Missoula evolve into a full-blown hipster