hiring employees

People have drives. Drives create needs. People behave in ways to meet their needs. When needs are met at work, performance
While there are many laws that apply to businesses of all sizes, others are based on the number of employees you have.
Meanwhile the interviewee asks questions about what they think will give them job satisfaction -- salary ranges, work-life
As a small business owner, one of your key responsibilities is to identify top performers who will fit your business culture and contribute to the success of your business. The interview is an important step in the process and the questions you ask are critical to the success of the interview.
February 22 - Kalamazoo, Mich. - an Uber taxi driver goes on a killing spree. On the same day in another city, a pedestrian
"I can't find any good people to work for me." This is the #1 lament I hear from business owners.
You not only want to hire new employees that have similar beliefs and goals, but also people who can help contribute to your
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How do you make sure you're hiring the right candidate for the job? It's not as easy as it may seem. In fact, many employees lie on their resumes and in interviews for the sole purpose of landing a position.
While some turnover is to be expected, implementing the HR solutions mentioned here is a simple, effective way to reduce turnover before it becomes a problem.